Nevin’s Tiernaur Wedding Photography

I have had Steve here as a great friend for a good few years and was delighted when he announced his engagement to Nicola as she’s absolutely lovely in every way. They got married at Nevin’s Newfield in which is in Tiernaur, a lovely part of the world between Newport and Mulranny in County Mayo. The morning was fairly wild with wind and rain but that didn’t dampen the spirits and we all knew it would clear up. I was delighted to meet Hayley Coleman again, who is one of Ireland’s leading make up artists and I knew she’d make the gorgeous Nicola even more stunning.

The ceremony was beautiful and a very touching note was when Steve also had a ring for Nicola’s daughter to include her in the ceremony. They also had a sand ceremony as can be seen in the shots, I love them, especially when there are children in involved in the ceremony as it is a lovely memento of the day.

The day cleared up perfectly for out photo shoot- we went to the beach at Rosturk, which was only a couple of miles away, and mixed it up a bit with a few shots around the wooded area.