Lough Rynn Wedding Photography

We began this wedding day in Mullingar when I arrived at Carmen’s house and met an excellent videographer that I hadn’t met for a while, Cathal Farrely. It was great to catch up with him and meet his team.

We had a few locations for wedding photography this day as Carmen and Carmen chose to go to Belvedere House, near Mullingar as well as using the grounds in Lough Rynn where their reception took place. I hadn’t been to Belvedere before but had scouted it out and Carmen and Coman had very good ideas about what kind of shots they were after there. I’m always happy to work with my couples to capture the kind of shots they love, it’s a great location with tons of options for wedding photography!

Lough Rynn itself was looking particularly stunning, with all the flowers in full bloom. We used its gardens to their fullest, enjoying ourselves immensely while walking around and stopping for shots at the multiple photo locations that presented themselves.