Belleek Castle LGBT Wedding

Clodagh and Aisling’s wedding in Belleek Castle was an extra special event as it would not have been possible only a few years previously, in fact they Aisling popped the question to Clodagh, herself being chairperson of Gay Pride, on the day the referendum results were announced on 22nd May 2015.

The fun and upbeat atmosphere at the wedding was electric from the moment I arrived and was introduced to this amazing bridal party. I was personally very moved by a song that was written and performed for the happy couple by Patrick O’Laoghaire of “I Have a Tribe” during their ceremony, the guests were taught the chorus before and joined in, it was an incredible experience.

There was also a hand-fasting ceremony where the Clodagh and Aisling used the prose flag that they had wrapped around them while awaiting the results of the referendum back in 2015.

“Tounge in Chic” provided the music for the dancing and the floor got so jammed I had to jump up on a table behind the band to capture shots as it was absolutely jammed packed- always a sign o the perfect mix between a top band and a great crowd!