Bertra Beach and Westport Wedding Photography

My usual day shooting as a wedding photographer would be from bridal preparations until part way through the dancing, although I do have other packages, I’m always happy to quote for something tailor-made. This stunning couple with their gorgeous two children, just wanted me to capture the ceremony and a few shots of themselves and their bridal part afterwards- hence my shots starting with the groom and his groomsmen rather than his bride. Their ceremony was at St. Mary’s in Westport which is a beautiful church with nice light and room to discreetly move around a bit. The cermeony itself was lovely and after the family formals we decided, that although it was very very cold, it was worth the 15 minute spin out to Bertra Beach at the foot of Croagh Patrick for the bridal party location shots.

Bertra Beach is one of those dream locations that we are so fortunate to have around Clew Bay, where at I’m lucky enough to live at the mouth of, in Newport, County Mayo. Bertra has a number of locations in the one area- from the beach overlooking the multitudes of islands in Clew Bay to the majestic Croagh Patrick towering behind us, which was unfortunately obscured but clouds that day. But clouds also bring a blessing of gorgeous natural light so I was happy out no matter the weather. There is also a stone beach and some sand-dunes all within a minutes walk from the car park, so a dream location for a photographer.

The only thing was that it was freezing as we were in the dead of winter. All I can say is fair play to the girls, they toughed it out and I shot at speed and we managed to get some lovely shots without anyone getting hypothermia, that’s a win I’d say!